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__The Finest Grand Champion Jerky Available Anywhere...

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Montana Jerky Co. is a small family owned business located in beautiful Northwest Montana that makes the finest Beef jerky and Buffalo jerky that you will ever try. Our jerky products continue to win awards every year including GRAND CHAMPION again this year.

__A Little History...

The process of making beef jerky & buffalo jerky has not changed much throughout the centuries. The early trappers and explorers would build smoke huts and hang cuts of meat over a fire. The smoke would cure, and the heat would dry the meat. Every family had their own recipe for smoked meat. Jerky was created when the meat would be cut into strips, flavored and then cured. This method of smoking and curing was a means of preserving the meats. Marinating the meat in spices and preserves (cure or salt) and cooking very slowly at low temperatures is still part of the process today.

__At Montana Jerky Co...

We've taken this centuries old process and transformed it into an art. Our Grand Champion Beef Jerky & Buffalo Jerky is the result of the perfect blend of spices, the latest in equipment technology and only the finest cuts of choice Beef & Buffalo meat.

__Our Jerky is Shipped Fast & Fresh...

Usually within 48 hours of the jerky being made. All orders received by 11:00 am MST are sent same day. We have three shipping options available which include 2-Day Fed Ex, UPS Ground, and Priority Mail.

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Montana Jerky Company
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